​​Sonya Rasminsky, MD

general psychiatry & women's mental health in orange county

MEdicare policy

I have opted out of Medicare and am not a Medicare provider. This means that if you are qualified for Medicare and would like to see me for treatment, we must enter into a private contract in which you agree not to bill Medicare for my services. You may still be in treatment with other Medicare providers even if you sign a private contract with me.

fees and insurance

Payment is due at the time of service, unless we have made alternative arrangements. I accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  

I am not on any insurance panels and do not bill or accept payment by insurance. However, you may still be able to use your health insurance to offset some of the cost of our sessions, using “out-of-network” benefits. I will provide an itemized receipt (a “super-bill”) that you can submit to your insurance company directly for reimbursement. Be aware that insurance companies do not reimburse my full fee, but rather a percentage (typically 50-80%) of the “usual and customary” fee, which is determined by the insurance company. Please check with your insurance company about your plan’s mental health coverage, as policies can vary considerably. 

Please contact me to discuss fees.


There are several forms that need to be completed at the time of the first visit. These are available under the "forms" tabPlease complete these in advance, or plan to arrive a few minutes early to complete them before your first visit. 

what to expect at your first visit

The first visit is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to begin to generate a treatment plan. I set aside 90 minutes for the visit (including paperwork) so that we can cover everything without being rushed. During our time together, I want to hear your story: what brings you into treatment, what your history has been, and what your hopes are for our work together. I will ask questions about your medical and psychiatric history, your past psychiatric care, and your family and social life. At the end of the visit, we will determine together whether therapy and/or medication makes sense for you, and make a plan for ongoing treatment.