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Things I've written / IN the news

The Good Enough Mother Begins in Pregnancy

published in The Washington Post On Parenting blog, with Dr. Vivien Burt, January 2017

17 Things All Pregnant Women Should Know About Prenatal Depression

- a Buzzfeed interview with me and psychologist Shoshana Bennett, PhD about depression in pregnancy, May 2016

Doctor Says: When it Comes to Breastfeeding, Your Health and Happiness Matter as Much as Your Baby's,

published in The Washington Post On Parenting blog, with Dr. Vivien Burt and Dr. Robin Berman, March 2016

- Three doctors, one opinion: take care of yourselves too, mamas! 

How To Spot An Emotional Grown-Up, published in Goop, with Dr. Robin Berman, July 2015

- In this piece, Robin Berman and I think together about what it means to have a mature relationship, and outline ten qualities to look for in an "emotional grown-up."

Are We Turning Our Backs on Our Patients? Training Psychiatrists in the Era of the Electronic Health Record, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry with Dr. Vivien Burt and Dr. Robin Berman, August 2015.

- In this piece, Vivien Burt, Robin Berman and I discuss the impact of real-time electronic charting on the doctor-patient relationship. You can download the article here.

Managing the Suicidal College Student: Advice for Community Providers, published in Psychiatric Times, with Dr. Vivien Chan, November 23, 2015

- In this piece, a companion to our piece in Academic Psychiatry from October 2015 (“A Primer for Working in Campus Mental Health: A System of Care"), Vivien Chan and I provide practical advice to psychiatrists treating college students in the community. 

I've also written many scholarly articles about medical education, resident work-hour regulation, and women's mental health. Here's the list:

Heiman HL, Rasminsky S, Bierman JA, Evans DB, Kinner KG, Stamos J, Martinovich Z, McGaghie WC. Medical students' observations, practices, and attitudes regarding electronic health record documentation. Teach Learn Med. 2014;26(1):49-55. 

Sidhu SS, Chandra RM, Wang L, Gollan JK, Rasminsky S, Brar SK, Anzia JM. The effect of an end-of-clerkship review session on NBME psychiatry subject exam scores. Acad Psychiatry. 2012 May 1;36(3):226-8. 

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