Sonya Rasminsky, MD is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 8 ratings.

I started seeing Dr. Rasminsky right after a significant trauma. She was instrumental to my recovery and helped me see that I could have a future. She also completely changed my medication regimen and found a combination that worked for me. Dr Rasminsky is insightful, compassionate and patient. Many psychiatrists are condescending or don't listen. She's the exact opposite. I highly recommend Dr. Rasminsky.

I have worked in the mental health profession for years, and Dr. Rasminsky is an exceptionally stand out doctor. She is compassionate, empathetic, bright, keeps up on research and evidence based practice, and most of all is validating. Dr. Rasminsky is a gifted psychiatrist and a worthwhile investment in your health and wellbeing. Thank you for all you do to support moms!

Dr. Rasminsky has been a vital part of my care team since my first appointment. I have been a patient for almost 10 years, primarily for medication management, and she has never let me down. I know that she communicates well with the rest of my care team through some of the things that come up in our sessions. She has been sensitive and patient when I can't always find the right words to describe my situation, and have to use metaphors or stories to contextualize what I need to say. I know that when I eventually leave the state I will have a difficult time finding another psychiatrist like her.

Dr. Rasminsky has saved my life. She has been my doctor now for over 3 years and without her i wouldn’t have the success in my professional life as well as my personal life with my family and my friends. Everyone has seen such improvements in me and it’s because of the impact that Dr. Rasminsky has had on my mental health.

She’s worth every minute! Her attention to detail and easily accessibility cannot be matched.

Dr. Rasminsky has been my saving grace! For the past 5+ years, her empathy, thoughtfulness, and feedback have been indispensable to my life. If I have changed for the better, it is entirely due to her. She creates a space for her patients where they feel heard but never judged. Truly cannot say enough good things.

Dr. Rasminsky is the best out there. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Sonya is wonderful as a physician and a person. She is very intelligent, compassionate, and honest. I fully recommend her.

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